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Reaper's Property
Joanna Wylde
Dark Poison (Dark Brother Series Book One)
Bec Botefuhr


Uncivilized - Sawyer Bennett I can't believe I'm saying this but there was too much sex , the story could have been good .

The Elemental Mysteries: Complete Series

The Elemental Mysteries: Complete Series - Elizabeth   Hunter Book 1 = 4 stars

Book 2 = 1 stars
I'm sorry , I liked the first book but this one dragged on and on and on and Beatrice with her crying , nothing annoys me more then a grown woman crying about everything .

So with that said, I'm done with this , I don't know if I might continue reading ( highly doubt it ).

A Child Called "It"

A Child Called "It" - Dave Pelzer So the mother went from being the best mother in the world to smashing his face against the mirror ,just like that ?

We never find out why the sudden change .
We never find out why David and not any of the others.
Why did she hate David so much ?
Why didn't the father do anything or anyone else for that matter ?
Lots of unanswered questions and some things don't make any sense .


Destroyed - Pepper Winters Strike 1 : for female lead that hates someone they dont even know because that person has something that she could use in this case it's money, to cure her daughter of whatever disease she has. That is so fucking childish , whatever Fox has he got by " working " for it , instead of envying him she should do the same , keep in mind that this is chapter 3 so things might change .

It did change but boy was it repetitive .

The Scholomance

The Scholomance - R. Lee Smith I'm confused .


Marked - Elisabeth Naughton 2 1/2 stars

Stolen Souls

Stolen Souls - Debra Dunbar I wasn't that bad but it wasn't good either. The ending was anticlimactic .


Better - S. Walden I loved the first book but I couldn't bring myself to finish this book right now .
Cadence was fucking annoying and childish as fuck, and all the " bible " this and " God " that, got on my nerves really fast, we got that in the first book but it was overdone in this one.

I might read it after if I can deal with Cadence but for now , I'll give it 2 stars.


Devoured - Emily Snow Does every book need to be about D/s ?
I have read my share and I came to realize that it's not for me , many times I've seen a story not go anywhere because the author decides they will focus on the dominance thing and the story falls flat .


Immortal - J.R. Ward I'd read it if it's Jim Heron's book.


Star-Crossed - Luna Lacour This is too wordy . Something that could be said simply is put in a way that makes it hard to enjoy the story and doesn't make sense .

Kaitlyn is so boring , dull and cold , just like a dead fish . The only person that makes this worth reading is Marius and that just ain't good enough to keep me going.


Unravel - Calia Read And so it starts .

Pet peeve #1 : Girl meets guy for the first time and her heart almost comes through her mouth = check
Pet peeve #2 : Girl gets stupidly jealous at the thought of hero with other women before she meets him = check

Naomi = Lana

It reminded me of " I am her "

Lily of the Springs

Lily of the Springs - Carole Bellacera I have mixed feeling about this book . I loved the book but hated Lily , she was such a doormat . It took her 12-15 years to see for herself what her best friend Betty saw in Jake and it took a 12 year son he had with a school mate of hers for her to come to terms with the type of man she was married to . Not even bringing in a whore to "teach her " how to suck dick or when he knocked out her teeth did it for her years before.

Last Shadow

Last Shadow - Pepper Winters I love books with whores. Better a whore than a virgin.

King and Kingdom

King and Kingdom - Danielle Bourdon This is just from the first page .

“As ever, when she entered any private domain of the Royals, Chey was struck by the opulence. Light peach and cream was the color scheme, with gold accents on frames, furniture and chandeliers. Painted in the style of an old master, the middle of the ceiling sported a scene of an expansive sky and half draped humans in dramatic poses. Crown molding surrounded it, like one gigantic frame. It was nothing less than breathtaking.
The parlor itself was the size of a small house, with a roaring fireplace against one wall and a balcony accessible through one of four French doors.”

Heir Untamed

Heir Untamed - Danielle Bourdon The story could have been good but when you have so much discriptions of rooms , clothes and colors it takes away from the story so when you get back to what's really going on , you have no idea where you left off.

This is such a turn off for me.