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Thoughtless - S.C. Stephens 2 1/2 stars .

Kiera the insecure , immature whore was one of the most selfish main characters in a book I have read to date .They say that the quiet ones are always the worst in this case it was , cause this blushing bitch was sick .
I probably would have rated this higher if it was another female character that was at least strong but dammit this insensitive bitch just did all the wrong things , this coming from a person that does not mind cheating in books , I like it even .

The descriptions, fuck , I have a personal problem with that , a big one too , nothing kills a story for me like an author describing the fuck out of room , a person or anything . I get that it's to show people where the events are taking place but I do not need to know the exact spot where the bed is , or color of everything in that room or how many steps or whatever , I just want to know what's going on with the characters , I'm weird that way .

Kiera and her bf Denny move from Ohio to Seattle to go to school and internship . They move in with a friend of Denny's Kellan .

Denny goes away for 2 months and leaves Kiera behind.

I always thought that Denny cheated on Kiera while he was away but that was not the case I think .

So Denny calls Kiera and tells her that he'll be going away or staying away for 2 years because he got a good opportunity .

This upsets Kiera so much that she ends it with him over the phone.

She then gets drunk and fucks Kellan .

Denny returns and it's like nothing happened .

And so the fuckery starts .

This rediculous bitch had rules for Kellan :
He has to turn down the sexy . ( him being in a band and acting sexual while being on stage )
He couldn't fuck anybody else while she was fucking her boyfriend .
He couldn't get upset when she was with Denny .
And there were more rules but I can't really remember all of them ,

The blushing and wiping of tears was excessive , Kiera cried and blushed for everything ( kinda reminds me of a episode of family when Peter says the word " penis " and the English gentlemen faints ) , I thought at any moment she was going to faint because of Griffin .

So I expected that with all the rules and demands Kiera was throwing at Kellan she would be willing to fulfill one of his , he wanted her to choose between him and Denny and all this whore could come up with was that she was confused .
Bitch, if you're willing to give someone rules , your nasty ass better be willing to make decisions and fast too .

This bitch was clingy too , all in all a spineless whore.

Kellan was a bitch too , he cried as much as Kiera .