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Mile High (Up In The Air, #2) - R.K. Lilley Oh how I hate Bianca , this bitch lost her mind , she doesn't even want to speak to James but when somebody else is touching him , she pushes the other girl aside and "plast herself against James and then asks him "why did you leave her touch you"?. I wanted to smack her in her mouth for being a dumbass .

I couldn't really get into this one , it was boring and I skimmed through it , it was mostly Bianca trying to be detached but still acting clingy and jealous about any woman that speaks to James to the point of making her insecure and psychotic .
The sex scene were repetitive , also hated how Bianca always wanted to be all up in James's past but as soon as he asked her anything she acting all uptight and shit , get a clue bitch you ain't that fucking special.

James , james , james , "shakes head and sighs " what the fuck are you ?
Are you the dominant or the submissive cause I really couldn't tell with you kinda having to beg this silly bitch to open up to you about everything and dogging behind her so she would talk to you .

This book got the 1 star for James because even if he was needy , pushy and weird I liked his character a teeny tiny bit , he was more open about his feelings unlike Bianca the coward .