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Fallen from Grace - Laura Leone Sara is a judgemental old bitch. I don't like Sara I find her too newsy (nosey) for someone that just wants to be friends. Ryan is way more mature than her.

This is from when Sara pries into his past as a street kid.
“And then there are a lot of adults who prey on homeless kids."
"Such as?"
"Such as perverts and sadists whose tastes and habits I refuse to describe to you” Sara

My question is where the fuck has she been living that she has no idea what he's talking about ?

“How could he tell her such personal things… and then behave since then as if none of that had occurred between them?

He didn't tell you , you kinda force him to tell you with your pushy self .

She wondered if her reaction had hurt him, if she'd offended or distressed him that evening in the bar. She'd tried to broach the subject since then, but—on the rare occasions when he deigned to be in her company—he kept shifting the conversation, evading the topic, and avoiding another serious discussion.”

Well you kinda implied that he would introduce another street kid to prostitution , so what do you expect ?

So after this he visits her and calls out her name and somehow this "startles" her at this point the coffee mug falls out of her hands and shatters , then she tells him that it was his fault and he should help her clean it up . She then hands him the broom and stands there with her arms cross while he cleans up everything and starts to interrogate him about his whereabouts .

Sara sister tells her that she's a lesbian and that she moved in with her girlfriend and Sara asks her if they sleep together.
No, Sara what do you think they do if they are lovers ?

Ok I give up I can't stand Sara , I never could but she's become unbearable and Ryan is just a pushover . No matter what Ryan did or is doing Sara has no right judging and demanding answer like she's his mom or the cops and then judging him I wish that Ryan would have told her to fuck off and do something else constructive with her life instead of judging others but he never did ( as far as I got in the book it never happened) . They didn't even seems to have chemistry between each other.