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Breathe (Colorado Mountain, #4) - Kristen Ashley Chace was an asshole at times ( a lot of the times ) with his 1 word commands , I seriously thought he was dealing with a dog most of the times and Faye was ( to me ) the faithful lapdog. The reason why I really gave it 3 stars was because Miah got to be really happy and we get to see a little bit of the man he is going to become.

Also what is up with starting sentences exactly the same or saying the same shit over in every sentence ,this annoyed the fuck out of me.

"He said not one word."
"She said not one word"
"Um… uh, Detective Keaton,” she replied then said not another word "

There's a lot more of this through out the book so what I did was underline all of them to see if maybe I'm being an ass , I went through them again when i finished the book and came to the conclussion that I'm not. Apparently this is something normal for the author and everyone that loves her books because the other 2 books I've are just the same, this is something I can't ignore because it never goes away or gets better.

Shit I took 1 star away.