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Shadowfever - Karen Marie Moning I liked the book hence the 5 stars but it also annoyed me , so I will read it again and give a thorough description of my likes and dislikes.

March 8th
ok after a lot of thinking and listening to the book I came to the conclusion that this was the worst book in the series so I deducted 3 stars.

This book starts where dreamfever left off we find out that Barrons is the beast that Mac kills , after this Mac goes into self pity mode for 8 or 9 chapters, it kinda goes downhill from there , you would think that KMM would mention that Mac is bipolar and Barrons is a sociopath and all of Mad childhood memories from the first few books.
Another thing that bothers me is what she did with the UK , the characters that had small parts in the books that never showed up in the others besides DEG she called the many parts of the UK.

I was disappointed in this book the first 4 books where about the book and fighting the unseelie this one didn't have much fighting those bad guys , that is what made the series special fighting fae.

Another thing I waited so long for Mac and Barrons to finally do their do and what did I get nothing until the end of the book , what is that ?
the only reason I liked the series was because of Barrons I skipped a lot of pages just to get to a scene with him which weren't much he always knew what he wanted ,I'm not going to lie Mac bothered me a lot how is it that she doesn't know that she wants Barrons , he is a different type of hero , I have never read another Barrons type hero in romance novels.

Darroc's death was so disappointing , he was the bad guy, he let the unseelie out to terrorize the world and he had Mac gang raped and all he gets is his head popped off and he died.
really ?

I think I am the only person who has a problem with other characters from different books show up in SF , they had their own book and they also took up space better spent on writing more important stuff about the characters of Shadowfever.

Dani is so annoying , I have no idea how I am going to read a book about her .