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The Whole Shebang - Elisa Adams Lucy is a divorced mother of 4, Twins and 2 smaller boys.
Lucy is called to school by her twins teacher David to discuss the boys behavior,Lucy knows why the boys are acting up , they are trying to set her up with their teacher ,during this meeting they are attracted to each other.
A few days or week/s after one of the twins lies and say he missed his bus so David could carry him home, David agrees even though he knows the reasons and he decides he really wants to see Lucy again.
Lucy sees the interest David has in her and decides on inviting him to dinner to chase him away, she feels he will never come back after that, she even burns the spaghetti sauce just to make her point,David still eats it .
Her children then ask her why she burned the food she has never done that.
The boys then leave for a month to visit their father.

David and Lucy then decide to go on a date, the date ended being a disaster Lucy makes his shirt catch a fire and then with her clumsiness throws a glass of water in his lap.
After the date they return to Lucy's house and have sex, they then decide to spend a day at the beach.
When they return home David is scared to invite her to his house because she is such a pussy that his mother might scare her off.
She sounds so pitiful on the phone that he decides to bring her along anyway so one at the party everybody is nice towards her even his (gasps)mother.
When the party is finished David drops her home and she decides to be an ass and make things difficult for by him telling him she has a deadline to meet for her book and she will call him.
He calls her after a week and one of her sons picks up the phone David asks him if he can speak to Lucy , Lucy tells the boy to say she is busy so her son and David come up with a plan, David then calls Lucy's friend and his co-worker and tells her what's going on and then tells her about his plans and asks her for help.
Nikki goes to Lucy's house for movie and pizza and surprises Lucy with David.
When it's bed time the boys ask David to read a bed time story for them.
After tucking them in Lucy decides to tell David they should stop seeing each other and blah blah blah.
He has had enough so he goes, two weeks has pass since and David is on some kind of a date with a girl his brothers invite over and the whole time the girl is talking he is thinking on Lucy .
Lucy finally decides to man up herself and calls him and he leaves the girl with his brothers and runs to her,they talks things out and say I Love you.

The End

For a grown ass woman with 4 children Lucy acted a bit to childish , I have a big problem with a heroine that does not know what she wants.
I know it's just a book but you either want something or you don't.