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The Complete Groupie Trilogy - Ginger Voight Andy is so clingy and needy it's embarrassing to read , she needs to man up and try to move on with her life . Vanni told her not to expect much yet she thinks they are in a relationship .

I'm thinking on not finishing this because I can't stand the heroine , I have read my share of bodice rippers and none of the heroines are this bad .

So get this Vinni confronts a psycho fan while Andy hides and listens to everything , when things get to hard for Vinni the child to deal with out jumps super-motherfucking-woman from the bathroom or closet (at this point I don't have a fucking clue nor do I care ) and gets in between the psycho and Vinnie then psycho goes bat shit crazy and starts hitting Andy in the head and on her face . After all of this Andy is all bloody and shocked and she asks Vinnie if he's ok .
I figured that some of the blows to the head knocked some sense into her , no such luck at all . So he's comforting her and they end fucking . Obviously everything in this story could be solved with a good fucking , yay for that !

Book 1 = 2 stars

Andy stays to help the man that risked his life for her and Vinni throws the mother of all tantrums because he lost his favorite toy to a real man .

Book 2 = 2 stars