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Pieces of Lies

Pieces of Lies - Angela Richardson The blurb is so misleading.

Josh says he's attending a private party and tries to dissaude Norah from going with him ( it's more like forcing him to carry her along with him ).
So they reach and she gets the feeling that the party isn't what it seems . * tjuups* and * eye roll*
She then goes for a walk with Clint so he could show her some paintings and he tells to go home because this is not the party for her , they share an awkward moment and she runs away looking for Josh and finds him fucking a random person. She then gets upset because she's jealous?

They weren't dating or anything so I don't get where the hurt feelings come from and also like I said before she forced him to bring her along by cock teasing him.

Norah is soooo stupid , she shows Clint that she doesn't care by dressing to impress him , does that even make sense ?

I don't like Norah , the wannabe ice bitch .

This is the 3rd book in a row that I haven't finish and this is saying something , the characters are all the same wannabe adults , Norah is just unlikable and Clint is a pussy that has a reputation for unknown reasons because when he's around Norah he acts like a pussy .